Submit a complaint

A client that is dissatisfied with Seesam’s products or services, its terms and conditions, the behaviour of the undertaking or with its obligations has the right to submit a corresponding written complaint to the undertaking. The complaint can be submitted in person, at any of Seesam's offices; via regular mail (Vambola 6, 10114 Tallinn; e-mail (; or by completing the form below.

All complaints will be reviewed by Seesam and a response will be sent within 15 days following receipt of the complaint. The period for processing a complaint may be extended up to 30 days, if this is related to the need to submit supporting documents validating the circumstances referred to in the complaint. After the complaint has been processed, a written response shall be sent to the complainant, to the address marked by the complainant as his or her contact address.

In case of disputes, the client has the right to contact the Consumer Disputes Committee operating at the Estonian Consumer Protection Board, the Conciliation Body operating at the Estonian Insurance Association, the Traffic Insurance Conciliation Body operating at the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund or a court.