Purpose and values

Seesam’s purpose and values are what unite us, what we believe in and what guide us. Our values grew out of shared discussions within our company and apply in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. They help us reach our goals today and in the future.

We deliver protection for your prosperity

We create a successful future and extra value for all our interest groups.

  • Customers – reliability and safety. We deliver simple, innovative and sustainable solutions to protect what matters. We enable people to live the life of their dreams.
  • Partners – sustainable collaboration for mutual benefit.
  • Community – we educate the community and take responsibility for a better future.
  • Employees – respect and opportunity to grow. We bring diverse knowledge with our strong team, who is dedicated to go beyond the expected.
  • Shareholders – increasing value sustainably

Our values

We keep our promises
We build trust through fair and objective behavior.
Our decisions are transparent.
We are responsible for the truthfulness of our words and actions.

We are looking for new ways to make the customer experience easier and more convenient.
We encourage employee involvement and implement innovative ideas.
We shape the trends and we are proactive.
We are sharing best practices and experience between VIG companies.

We overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results.
We build a culture that embraces high standards and continuous improvement.
We have a strong and dedicated team with a mindset to go the extra mile.
We enable our employees to grow.

We make insurance simple, understandable and accessible.
We use our experience, know-how and diversity to be closer to our customer.
We understand our customers and take action to meet their needs, resolve concerns and support their success.
We educate the community to grow together.

Employees on Seesam’s purpose and values

“Having a purpose gives direction to the company and our employees. It is important for every employee to know and understand who the company represents, what it seeks and what it stands for. When making decisions, we should always remember our purpose and know what it brings to us as a team and how it benefits the client.”
Irena Makauskaitė, Head of Brokers Division, Lithuania

A purpose is like an internal engine that gives direction to further movement. It says who we are – a rock to lean on in the event of an accident, so you can carry on with your daily activities and business.
Sanita Rubene, Head of Claims Handling Department, Latvia

“Openness to innovation is very important to me. My field is very new to the insurance market, so there is no choice but to experiment, learn and gain experience. Me, my colleagues and the entire market – we are all learning. We want to be market leaders, setting principles and trends, not just tagging along.
I would also add simplicity and clarity as important values next to innovation. As a product manager, I ultimately aim to make sure that our products are transparent and understandable to everyone. We put the client first to ensure that they find insurance simple and easy to understand.”
Marit Raag, Travel and Health Insurance Product Manager, Estonia

“I certainly feel that I share the same values as my colleagues and that they are my people. Even in our daily interactions, we are similar and understand things in a similar manner. My colleagues at Seesam are honest and helpful and have the courage to be all of that. As our manager loves to say: there are no stupid questions, it is only stupid to not ask questions.”
Epp Matthiessen, Client Manager, Estonia

“I personally find values very important and that is why I want to join a company that shares my values. At Seesam, I feel like we all work towards a common goal. If we have a client who needs a special accounting solution, we come together to work out the best solution for the client and how to simplify processes. We also want to exceed the expectations of our colleagues and provide them with the best solutions, solutions that can be put to use in the future to ensure greater benefits for everyone.”
Terje Trutsi, Chief Accountant, Estonia

“When in comes to our people, we say: “Wow, you’re totally a Seesam person”. By this, we mean that they fit into Seesam and we accept them for having values similar to ours. The more alike we are in the way we think about and see certain things, the stronger the company and the more enjoyable the working environment and day-to-day collaboration. To any new employee, I would say that if you come here and do your best and treat others the way you want to be treated, then you have a long future ahead of you in Seesam.”
Heli Simulant, Head of Brokerage Unit, Estonia

Insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian Branch, which operates under the Seesam trademark in Estonia. Before concluding policies, please read the terms and conditions at and consult an expert if needed.
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