Supervisory Board of Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB

Peter Franz Höfinger
Chairman of Supervisory Board

Franz Fuchs
Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board

Elisabeth Stadler
Member of Supervisory Board

Sabine Berg
Member of Supervisory Board

Artur Borowinski
Member of Supervisory Board

Management Board of Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB

Deividas Raipa
Chairman of Management Board, CEO

Felix Nagode
Member of Management Board, CFO

Andri Püvi
Member of Management Board, Estonian Branch Manager

Management of Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian Branch

Ilona Kutsar
Head of Direct and Office Sales Department

Martti-Sten Merilai
Head of Partner and Broker Sales Department

Heli Simulant
Head of Broker Sales Unit

Indrek Petter
Head of Claims Handling Department

Renee Kermon
Head of Insurance Department

Irina Keller

Martin Sandberg
IT Manager

Anne Kivihall
Head of Financial Department

Ene Paron
Corporate Lawyer / Compliance Officer

Triin Jänes
HR Manager

Tiia Prööm
Marketing Manager

Tiina-Kai Vürst
Administrative Manager / Data Protection Officer

Insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian Branch, which operates under the Seesam trademark in Estonia. Before concluding policies, please read the terms and conditions at and consult an expert if needed.
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