Accident ABCs: tips on how to act quickly and painlessly

[Kirsti Risthein | 30.01]

Accidents hit people of different ages unexpectedly and in situations that may appear to be safe, when taking part in amateur sports, as well as on school grounds. Depending on how serious they are, the effects on a family’s financial situation may be devastating.

‘Accidents involving adults happen most often when they are engaged in different types of sports, with slippery streets also presenting a common problem especially in the case of older people. In contrast, older children most often injure themselves at school, while smaller children are more likely to injure themselves on playgrounds, with their injuries tending to be more serious in nature, such as radial fractures or humeral fractures. Falls also occur at home, with the result being concussions and wounds to the head and body’, said Kirsti Risthein, elaborating on the most common types of accidents.

According to the insurer, great danger is never seen in situations that are routine, although in the case of an accident a child’s broken arm may mean that one of their parents may be forced to spend an extended period of time away from work. However, if the family is also shouldering the burden of loan obligations and the primary income earner then finds themselves either temporarily or permanently forced to stay away from work, in the case of a lack of savings the family's financial situation may suddenly deteriorate.

‘Seesam's statistics indicate that a growing number of people are becoming aware of the possibility of the occurrence of such unexpected developments and, in addition to the now standard travel, home, and motor hull insurance, they are also insuring themselves against accidents. Accident insurance will not prevent an accident from happening, but it is a big source of help in ensuring your family’s ability to cope financially if you require long-term care following an accident, suffer a partial or permanent incapacity for work, or if a family member is lost', said Seesam's representative.

According to the insurance specialist, a person may be insured, although in the case of an accident they may be overcome by a surge of emotions and the last thing they think about is whether or not they are insured. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly in the event of an accident, and that the maximum benefit is obtained from insurance, the loss adjuster is sharing some helpful advice.

Seek medical advice immediately

The first thing to do is remain calm and act in such a manner that the injured party does not suffer additional injuries. If necessary, first aid should be provided to the injured party, after which medical advice should be sought and action taken in accordance with the instructions received.

In the case of a work accident, the health care professional should also definitely be informed of the accident site.

Depending on the situation, the police should also be contacted, if necessary. Although in the case of bodily injuries the primary concern is to provide the injured party with assistance and immediate medical care.

Notify your insurer about the incident

Once the injured party’s condition has been stabilised, you must immediately inform the insurer about the damage. A loss adjustment form can be completed directly on the homepage, by calling the contact loss adjustment department, or by sending a letter to the e-mail address. Seesam is the only insurance undertaking to assign a single loss adjuster to deal with a specific incident. The loss adjuster helps the injured party throughout the entire process and has a comprehensive picture of the situation.

Applying for compensation

In the case of hospitalisation, an extract of the medical history will definitely be required! Upon the conclusion of treatment, please ask the doctor to complete a so-called Doctor’s Decision Form and make copies of the medical records.

If the injury occurred as the result of an act that is punishable by criminal or administrative procedure, then a copy of the police certificate must be appended. If the accident occurred at work, then an accident report must be appended. In the case of daily allowance insurance cover, a printout of the certificate of incapacity for work must also be submitted to the health insurance fund.

Insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian Branch, which operates under the Seesam trademark in Estonia. Before concluding policies, please read the terms and conditions at www.seesam.ee and consult an expert if needed.
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