An accident involving a child can significantly reduce a family's income

[Dagmar Gilden | 23.08]

Children are often unable to recognise all of the dangers surrounding them in their activities, which is why they are involved in more accidents. If a Band-Aid alone can help in the case of a minor accident, then healing from a more serious accident may require a lot of time and significantly reduce the family’s income.

According to Dagmar Gilden, Property Insurance Product Manager at Seesam, small children usually injure themselves on playgrounds, and accidents tend to be of the more serious kind, such as radial fractures or humerus fractures. Falls also occur at home, with the result being concussions and wounds to the head and body.

‘On the other hand, accidents involving older children mainly occur at school and in hobby groups. Ankle related injuries mainly occur during physical education class, while running on the stairs and in the hallways; with injuries to fingers occurring during ballgames. At Seesam, sports injuries account for more than one-third of all incidents involving children. Of course, injuries also occur from climbing trees, swinging and jumping on trampolines’, noted the insurer, providing examples of the most common incidents.

The insuring of children in on the rise

While the insuring of children was uncommon as recently as a few years ago, then based on Seesam’s statistics, it can now be stated that the insuring of the youngest members of the family is becoming increasingly common and is setting new records each year.

‘In the case of family insurance, the number of insured children is growing by 15% from year-to-year. The largest growth has been in the insuring of young children between the ages of 1 to 4’, said Gilden.

According to the insurer, family insurance offers protection against a number of different unexpected situations. Be it a drain that is left partially running by a child, which ruins the interior finishing and household possessions in a private residence; broken eyeglasses resulting from a fall or a picture window broken with a fireplace poker while lost in play.

‘During the summer, children who are riding pushbikes or bicycles sometimes accidentally collide with a car or a ball flies through a neighbour’s window. If the property of a third person is damaged, then in such instances liability insurance is intended to provide compensation', said the insurer.

The sum insured should be based on actual needs

According to Gilden, the most difficult situation is one in which a child has been so severely injured that the parent must stay away from work during the child’s recovery. This, in turn, may prove to be a devastating blow to the family's income. Once again, family insurance comes to the rescue, covering possible accidents that may happen with members of the household or family members, while also providing assistance in restoring the family’s income in the event of an accident.

When selecting the sum insured, you should proceed based on actual needs and also focus your attention on your child's hobbies and any possible resulting injuries. For example, competitive sports insurance cover is free for children at Seesam.

‘The lower the sum insured, the lower the benefits, since insurance compensates a certain percentage of the sum insured based on the severity of the injury', noted Seesam's representative, while explaining the procedure for compensation.

According to the insurer, it pays for anyone who is thinking about insuring their family to make sure that the family insurance includes pain and suffering indemnity coverage in addition to basic coverage. The latter is especially helpful in the case of temporary damage to health and takes the form of a lump-sum payment that is directly dependent upon the extent and severity of the damage to health resulting directly from an accident.

‘This compensation may be used for rehabilitation therapy or to enjoy pleasant trips, and even to purchase toys, which help the child recover from the accident’, recommended Gilden.

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