Customers regard Seesam’s online environment as the best among those of insurance companies

[Liljan Männiste | 15.05]

According to a survey conducted by Kantar Emor, customers who have recently used online insurance services would recommend Seesam’s self-service environment to their friends and acquaintances.

According to Liljan Männiste, Marketing Manager of the company, this a great recognition for the whole Seesam Insurance team.

“We are grateful to all our customers for placing their trust in us,” says Liljan Männiste. “When developing our e-shop and self-service, we’re always guided by the desire to make the environment more intuitive so that it’s easy for our customers to choose the best insurance package and do other activities. Our customers and their feedback have also played a large role in making Seesam’s e-service environment so user-friendly. We take every indication and feedback from our customers very seriously and try to find ways to make the environment even more convenient to use.”

According to Kerli Kaarus, manager of the e-shop at Seesam Insurance, the most difficult issue to solve when creating a well-functioning online environment that offers fast service is how to put yourself in the customer’s shoes.

“For us, the insurance service is commonplace and logical, but for a customer who is less familiar with insurance, it’s probably not as easy to understand,” says Kaarus. “We have frequent discussions in our team on how customers can get an overview of their policies, enter into new contracts, pay invoices, file claims, change their contact details and do everything else with as little hassle as possible in a well-functioning self-service environment.”

For Seesam, as a responsible insurance service provider, it is also important that a fast and convenient service does not take away the option to read the terms and conditions of a contract. 

“As always with financial services, the customer needs to know exactly what cover their insurance contract provides,” says the manager of Seesam’s e-shop. “We try to find the right balance between providing sufficient information on the terms and conditions despite the speed of the transactions, while giving the customers the option to contact a customer service representative online in the case of any questions.”

The NPS survey of Kantar Emor mapped the extent to which people would recommend various companies they have recently come into contact with online to their friends and acquaintances. The service experience in online environments was mapped in nine areas this year: online banks, pharmacy e-shops, self-service environments and websites of parcel delivery and telecom companies, self-service environments and call centres of infrastructure companies, self-service environments of insurance companies, websites and apps of petrol stations and passenger transport companies, and e-shops of supermarkets.

According to the survey, Estonian people think that the best self-service is provided by online banks: the top three are LHV, Swedbank and Coop Pank. They are followed by the e-shops of two pharmacies: Apotheka and Südameapteek.

Insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian Branch, which operates under the Seesam trademark in Estonia. Before concluding policies, please read the terms and conditions at and consult an expert if needed.
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