How does insurance compensate for costs related to coronavirus?

[Jonatan Jõks | 18.03]

Virus COVID-19, from which several people have died, reaching Europe has made people careful when travelling abroad, and more and more people are interested in how insurance companies compensate for damages caused by coronavirus.

Product Manager of Seesam Jonatan Jõks provides explanations.

Is my insurance valid if the flight is cancelled due to corona virus?

In the case of basic cover, the insurance protection is only valid if the cancellation of the flight became known less than 24 hours before the beginning of the flight. If a person wishes to be protected against earlier changes or cancellations, they should choose a package with extended cover. With Seesam travel insurance it is possible to choose a policy that covers cancellation of a trip for any reason in addition to the basic cover and in the event of such an insurance case, 70% of the costs, which the insured party could not use and the service provider could not repay, will be compensated for. A policy that covers cancellation of a trip for any reason is valid if the contract has been entered into within two weeks after buying or booking the trip.

What (if anything) is compensated if my hotel is placed under quarantine?

If the insured party is quarantined and additional transport and accommodation costs arise due to the quarantine, these will only be compensated for with extended travel interruption cover. In this situation, it is important to know that if a country does not allow a passenger to enter, this is not considered an insured event under travel interruption cover.

Can I cancel my forthcoming trip if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given a warning about travelling to the country?

If the traveller has entered into a travel interruption contract with basic or extended cover, cancelling the trip due to fear of falling ill is not treated as an insured event. Only the insurance cover of cancelling a trip for any reason enables you to cancel the trip due to fear or a recommendation given by the ministry.

This can also be used for reasons other than fear of contagion, such as unexpected job duties, and it covers 70% of the client’s costs which are not repaid to the insured party by the hotel, airline or other service provider. This cover can only be entered into within two weeks after buying or booking the trip.

Does travel insurance cover treatment costs if I get infected?

Coronavirus is treated as any other illness. The medical care cover of travel insurance compensates treatment costs arising from being infected with the virus up to the sum insured chosen by the client.

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