Repair chips and receive fuel as a gift!

[Tiia Prööm | 11.04]

In cooperation with our good partner Carglass, we invite you to repair chips in your car's windscreen. Starting on 10 April 2017, the first 100 Seesam Casco Insurance clients who decide to have chips in their windscreen repaired will receive a EUR 30 fuel gift card.

A chipped windscreen could develop into a crack at any time, meaning you should react immediately and book an appointment to have the glass repaired as soon as you notice the damage to the glass.

Why repair a chip?

  • Repairing a chip takes a maximum of 30 minutes and is done while you wait.
  • Repairing glass is much more environmentally friendly than replacing it. The amount of waste generated by a chip repair is 3g, while glass replacement results in 8kg or more of waste.
  • During the course of chip repair the glass being repaired is not removed from the car, which means that it is nearly impossible for any damage to occur to your car during the repair.
  • Carglass is the only one on the market to offer a lifetime guarantee that a crack will not spread from the site of the chip repair.

Chip repair saves you time, helps the environment and improves your safety!

When possible, Carglass will always offer windscreen repair instead of replacement. However, if your windscreen is damaged beyond repair, our technicians will quickly and professionally replace your windscreen with a new one. In any event, a suitable solution will be found for a client of Seesam.

Additional information http://www.carglass.ee

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