Workshop selection for accident repairs – insurance vs car owner

[Anti Otsla | 16.03.2021 :]

Every driver knows that following a road accident there will be papers to fill in, photos to take and witness names to write down if need be. The real questions tend to pop up when it is time for the car owner to look for a workshop.

According to Anti Otsla, Seesam’s Head of Car Damage, it is common as well as understandable to see confusion among drivers who have never been in involved with a road accident before. They are often unsure how to proceed.
“Remembering the name of your insurance undertaking is already a good sign as the insurance undertaking must be informed of the insured event, for example, through their website,” says Otsla.

The websites of insurance undertakings usually list recommended partners. If the vehicle has warranty coverage, it would be reasonable to turn to the service centre of the specific brand. If the vehicle is not under warranty, you will have more options, including independent workshops.

Many people have no prior experience with workshops and have trouble deciding which workshop to select from the list and who they should trust. According to Otsla, insurance undertakings develop long-time partnerships with reliable workshops. It is best to consider factors such as location and waiting lines. All the workshops listed will deliver top results.

“If the client wishes to use a workshop not included in the insurance undertaking’s list, the insurance undertaking is entitled to ask for a parallel repair quotation and indemnify for reasonable expenses. However, there is usually no need to ask for quotations from several workshops when opting for a shop partnered with the insurance undertaking,” Otsla explains.

Once a suitable workshop has been found, it is time for the car owner to let the representative of the workshop take over. Partners of insurance undertakings have extensive experience and know exactly what should be presented to the insurance undertaking and how. Once all damage-related materials have been duly handed over, the insurance undertaking will communicate with the workshop, if necessary, and the client is free to drive off with their car after the repairs are done.

“Casco insurance holders should make sure their coverage includes a replacement car for such emergencies, especially if they need to use their car for daily movements. Many workshops also provide a replacement car for the repair period either for a small fee or free of charge. The list of workshops usually includes a corresponding note next to every such workshop,” adds the insurance undertaking.

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