Cyber insurance

Cyber insurance is Seesam’s new product for managing the risks arising from cyber-attacks against companies. This is a comprehensive product encompassing the damage caused to the company itself as well as liability insurance against damage caused to third parties.


Insured event

Under Seesam’s cyber insurance, an insured event constitutes a breach of the security of the computer systems of the policyholder. Computer systems are considered to be the following:

•    hardware
•    software
•    data
•    data communication

A breach of security is considered to be:

•    unauthorised changes in usability
•    unauthorised changes in confidentiality
•    unauthorised changes in completeness
•    unauthorised changes in authenticity


A cyber-attack may suspend your business activities and reduce your profit. Seesam will indemnify the loss of profit during the business interruption.

In addition to loss of profit, we will indemnify the labour expenses of your employees and rental expenses during business interruptions. Your company is filed a claim in relation to liability towards third parties. Seesam will indemnify the claim or the costs for legal assistance in order to challenge an unfair claim.

After a cyber-attack, you may need crisis communication in order to limit damaging your reputation. Seesam will also indemnify notification costs related to the need to notify customers of the problem.

A breach of security often requires an expert assessment in order to find out what is wrong. Expenses on restoring the situation as it was before the event are also indemnified.

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Cyber Insurance application:

Cyber Insurance application        

Terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions of cyber insurance 1/2020 (valid from 01.07.2020)

Insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian Branch, which operates under the Seesam trademark in Estonia. Before concluding policies, please read the terms and conditions at and consult an expert if needed.
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