Machinery Insurance

Machinery Insurance is intended for the insuring of various types of machines used in construction, agriculture, forestry or road building, as well as other work machinery. Although this type of machine differs from a regular automobile, it still needs protection against similar risks. A machine may be damaged due to a fire, storm or other natural disaster; a machine moving on the road under its own power is in danger of being involved in a traffic accident; the machine may be broken into and the owner may lose their property if the machine is stolen or the subject of a robbery.

Seesam Machinery Insurance options

Seesam offers the opportunity to insure such machines against fire, storm, vandalism, and theft, as well as the risk of various external and internal events. To do so, we offer three different possibilities:

  • semi-comprehensive insurance
  • machinery insurance
  • expanded machinery insurance

Semi-comprehensive insurance covers the main risk factors for a machine that is either not operated in traffic at all or only rarely. Semi-comprehensive insurance offers protection against damage caused by fire, storm, vandalism, theft, robbery or break-in.

Machinery insurance indemnifies damage caused by fire, storm, vandalism, theft, robbery or break-in as well as damage resulting from an external event. External events can be, for example, a traffic accident, driving off of the road, natural disasters like flooding as well as damage caused to the machine during loading or transporting.

Expanded machinery insurance is full risk insurance. In addition to the abovementioned risks, the work machine is equally insured against damage caused by sudden and unforeseen internal events.

In addition to the machine itself, insurance cover within the framework of Seesam machinery insurance also provides insurance cover of up to EUR 5000 for various additional accessories and equipment that has been disconnected from the machine, such as a bucket, plough, etc.

In the case of an insured event – in addition to the property damage – justified expenses in the amount of up to EUR 10,000 shall be indemnified, which have been made:

  • to prevent or reduce damage
  • to lift the machine and transport it to a repair shop.
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This is a financial service, insurance is offered by Seesam Insurance AS. Before making a purchase, review the
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