Motor insurance

Despite a careful driving style and adherence to safety requirements, any driver may find themselves involved in a traffic accident. It is for this reason that motor third party liability insurance, which is regulated by the Traffic Act, is mandatory for all vehicles operated in traffic.

You do not have to contact the offender’s insurance provider; instead, as our client, you can contact Seesam directly for loss adjustment.

Types of motor third party liability insurance contracts

By purchasing motor third party liability insurance it is possible to choose between two different contract types – an “automatically extended contract” or a “single contract”.

  • An “Automatically Extended Contract” is the most convenient option for the client – the price is affordable and the contract is automatically extended, meaning that there is no need for you to remember the term of validity of your agreement. With this contract type there is no risk that if the policyholder forgets to extend the contract, the vehicle will be left without valid motor third party liability insurance. Prior to the expiry of the previous contract, Seesam shall send the client a new invoice, upon payment of which a new policy shall be issued.
  • A “Single Contract" is suitable for vehicles which are not operated in traffic year-round. The contract is not extended automatically, and upon expiry of the contract the client is able to decide on whether to extend the insurance contract or not. The invoice for the new period will be issued if the person notifies Seesam’s sales representative via telephone or e-mail about their wish to extend the contract. A vehicle may not be operated in traffic during a period when it is not covered by a valid motor third party liability insurance contract.
Validity of motor third party liability insurance

The validity of motor third party liability insurance can be checked here and the history of own damage can be checked here. To check motor third party liability insurance cover for a vehicle, the vehicles registration plate or contract number must be entered, along with the date and scope of application. Information will be displayed in response to the query, regarding the period for which the last contract is valid, the scope of application of the contract and a notice regarding whether the contract is in force.

Motor third party liability insurance is valid in:

  • Estonia
  • Countries of the European Economic Area (including the European Union) and Switzerland
  • outside of the European Economic Area in other Green Card countries, also in Russia

There is no need to carry a motor insurance contract on paper with you while driving in Estonia, as the existence of insurance cover is verified electronically from the motor insurance register.

Within European Union Member States, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Serbia the motor third party liability contract is a valid document and the green card is not required.  When travelling in other countries of the Green Card system, the green card must be with you. 

Green Card

When driving outside the European Economic Area, you should carry the green card with you to certify the validity of motor insurance abroad. The green card, i.e. international motor insurance policy, is required in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the United Kingdom, Albania, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Iran, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey.

The green cards issued in Seesam as from 14 February 2023 are not valid in Russia or Belarus. The green cards issued before 14 February are valid in Russia and Belarus until 1 June 2023.

Green card will be printed on white paper. If you inform us of your request via the ‘order a green card’ form on the right or send an e-mail to, we will send you a pdf document that you can print out on white paper at home. This is also the fastest solution.

If you have no opportunity to print and you inform us of your request well in advance, you can pick up the printout from a Seesam office or request that it be sent by post.

Order a green card

Insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian Branch, which operates under the Seesam trademark in Estonia. Before concluding policies, please read the terms and conditions at and consult an expert if needed.
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