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Damage caused to your vehicle by yourself or an unknown person will be indemnified by voluntary motor vehicle insurance, i.e. comprehensive insurance. Seesam comprehensive insurance offers protection from the risk of an unexpected and sudden event outside of your vehicle, a traffic accident, fire, theft, robbery, and damage caused by a third party.

Advantages of Seesam comprehensive insurance
  • Free coverage for safety seats and carry cots attached to the car, roof box, roof rack, bicycle holder, towing hook and additional bumpers and running boards
  • Free roadside assistance insurance across the entire insurance territory, along with free accommodation, free provision of fuel and tyre repair on-site, if the above mentioned service is ordered from the telephone number marked on the policy
  • We indemnify damage arising from a collision with a wild animal or livestock (except birds), without applying the deductible (except in instances where the repair is performed in full outside of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania)
  • We indemnify damage resulting from a natural disaster, without applying the deductible, if the damage is in excess of EUR 1000.
  • Repairs to vehicles under warranty shall be performed with original parts, which will be given a manufacturer’s guarantee.


Additional covers for comprehensive insurance

To ensure more comprehensive insurance coverage, it is practical to choose additional insurance options to complement the basic package.

Window insurance indemnifies glass damage resulting from the breakage of passenger compartment glass. The cost of applied window tinting will also be indemnified along with the glass. In the case of additional window insurance one can choose between two deductible types – EUR 0 or 10% of the amount of damage. If window insurance is not selected as additional insurance cover for the package, window damages will still be covered, although in the case of damage the base deductible will be applied.

Replacement vehicle insurance is important to ensure that the life of a person who moves about primarily by car does not stop. If the vehicle is incapable of moving or is currently being repaired, a replacement vehicle will be placed at the disposal of the insured person for that period. Seesam’s cooperation partner in providing a replacement vehicle is Hansarent.

Vehicle passenger accident insurance It is an unavoidable fact that some traffic accidents end tragically. Even though an event cannot be changed, Seesam accident insurance will help to you to cope with the consequences. In the case of accident insurance, people who are occupants of a vehicle during an accident are insured, and in the event of their death or a permanent incapacity for work, an insurance indemnity is provided.

Luggage insurance indemnifies damage, destruction, or damage resulting from loss, to objects located in the passenger compartment, luggage compartment or roof box of an insured vehicle in the event of an insured event.

Window insurance is offered by Seesam to all vehicles; other mentioned additional insurance covers are only available to passenger cars and light trucks in normal use.

Seesam Autoabi

The Seesam Autoabi service is free to comprehensive insurance customers in Estonia as well as abroad, no deductible applies.

We remind you that in order to use the Seesam Autoabi service (including free accommodation costs), you must telephone +372 6221 333. Seesam’s free roadside assistance service will not available if you order roadside assistance using any other numbers.

Even if you know how to change a flat tyre or know that your vehicle is in perfect condition, unexpected events may occur while you are travelling and when you are least prepared.

You unexpectedly run out of fuel, a traffic accident occurs, you lock your keys in your car or your car needs towing – Seesam Autoabi gives you peace of mind that no matter what happens, fast and professional help is only a telephone call away.

What are the services offered by Seesam Autoabi?

  • Free assistance across Europe – the service is available in the designated area marked on your insurance policy. A client that requires assistance abroad will initially be advised via telephone and, if necessary, a local service provider from the corresponding country will be sent to render assistance.
  • Quick dispatch to the scene of the event – in bigger Estonian towns, help will arrive within 30 minutes.
  • Consultation in the event of a traffic accident – we will help you to complete the accident notice and tell you how to proceed.
  • Towing of vehicle if there is a technical problem with your vehicle which cannot be repaired on the spot, or if it is impossible to continue driving with the vehicle for other reasons, the vehicle shall be towed to the nearest authorized representation or repair shop.
  • Transporting travellers to their destination – if the vehicle required towing, the driver and passengers will be transported to their desired destination within Estonia.
  • Bringing fuel - if you run out of fuel, sufficient fuel will be brought to enable the client to drive to the nearest filling station (cost of fuel included in price).
  • Pulling out a vehicle – if you vehicle is in a ditch, or is stuck in the snow or sand, a tow truck will be sent to help you.
  • Starting a vehicle – if your battery is dead, the vehicle will be started with the help of a special device (booster), in accordance with the requirements set forth by the dealership.
  • Tyre change – if you have a spare tyre, the damaged tyre will be replaced on the spot with the spare tyre. If there is no spare tyre, the tyre will be taken to a repair shop for repair or the vehicle will be towed to the repair shop (free tyre repair when on-site).
  • Resolving other problems – if the alarm will not deactivate, keys have been locked in the vehicle or other technical faults arise which prevent you from continuing on your way, the solution is Seesam Autoabi service.
  • If an insured event involving roadside assistance occurs outside of the Republic of Estonia, in which if the policy holder is unable to use the vehicle as a result of the incident, reasonable accommodation expenses shall be indemnified for up to three (3) days for the driver and one passenger.

Seesam’s cooperation partner in providing roadside assistance is Roheline Laine OÜ.


  • Free coverage of safety seats and carry cots
  • Free roadside assistance
  • Wild animal collision cover  

This is a financial service, insurance is offered by Seesam Insurance AS. Before making a purchase, review the
contract terms and conditions at and, if necessary, ask for additional information from an insurance specialist.