Small boat insurance claim

Report the loss to Seesam immediately after the occurrence of the insured event. A loss adjustment form can be completed directly on the Seesam homepage, by calling the contact telephone 628 1700, or by writing to From the menu selection below you will also find information about how to act following the occurrence of an insured event.

General requirements in the case of a small recreational craft insurance loss event
  • Stay calm and try to limit further loss and damage to the property. Save what can be saved!
  • Notify Seesam about what happened as soon as possible and follow the instructions provided by Seesam.
  • After notification, send Seesam a recreational craft insurance loss adjustment form.
  • In the event of theft, robbery or vandalism, please notify the police about the incident. To do so, call 112.


This is a financial service, insurance is offered by Seesam Insurance AS. Before making a purchase, review the
contract terms and conditions at and, if necessary, ask for additional information from an insurance specialist.