Personal accident

Accident insurance is a big help to you and your family in ensuring your ability to cope financially if you require long-term care following an accident, suffer a temporary incapacity for work, or a permanent disability. If the worst happens, the insurance indemnity will help to alleviate the financial worries of those close to you.

Personal accident insurance possibilities

Seesam offers the opportunity to put together an accident insurance package based on your needs, combining the following types of compensation:

  • daily allowance benefit – intended to preserve the monthly level of income following an accident;
  • indemnity for pain and suffering – of help in the case of temporary damage to health. Ideal for children and adults who are currently not working;
  • Indemnity of treatment expenses – if after an accident you require medical rehabilitation, dental care or mobility support devices (such as crutches, joint support, etc.), this insurance cover is indispensable;
  • permanent disability indemnity – the consequences of an accident can be very serious. Permanent disability indemnity helps you ensure a dignified life and maintain your previous standard of living;
  • death indemnity – intended to help your loved ones.

When signing an agreement, you can specify the insured sums that meet your needs.

Also possible to conclude:

  • full-time insurance – valid worldwide, during both work and play;
  • part-time insurance – valid at work during working hours.
Insuring children against accidents

Children are active and don't know how to recognise the danger signs surrounding them in their activities, which means that accidents can occur. If a Band-Aid alone may help in the case of minor accidents, then healing from a more serious accident may require a lot more time and money. Your family’s entire income may shrink significantly if an adult must spend time away from work while a child is healing.

Accidents happen while playing and taking part in sports – fractures, strains and contusions are common place. At Seesam, sports injuries to children account for 44% of all traumas suffered by children.

What kind of insurance covers do we offer for children?

  • Indemnity for injury – helps you out in case of temporary damage to health. Indemnity for pain and suffering is paid as a one-time indemnity, and depends on the extent and severity of the damage to health resulting directly from an accident.
  • Indemnity for dental care and rehabilitation helps in instances when a child’s teeth are damaged in an accident and require dental care or a child requires rehabilitation after an injury – rehabilitation that is not indemnified by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.
  • Permanent disability indemnity is paid as a one-time indemnity based on the severity of the disability.
  • Death indemnity – is meant as help for close ones in covering necessary costs

How is the price of insurance for children calculated?

The price of insurance depends on the selected insurance covers and their limits.

Example! The insurance package with the broadest coverage costs EUR 74.60 per year, and includes:

  • death benefit of up to EUR 5000;
  • permanent disability benefit of up to EUR 50,000;
  • indemnity for injury of up to EUR 3200;
  • indemnity of medical expenses of up to EUR 1000;

Customize covers:

  • Daily allowance indemnity
  • Pain and suffering indemnity
  • Indemnity for treatment expenses
  • Permanent disability indemnity
  • Death indemnity

Terms and conditions:

Insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian Branch, which operates under the Seesam trademark in Estonia. Before concluding policies, please read the terms and conditions at and consult an expert if needed.
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