Travel insurance

Seesam travel insurance lets clients choose the insurance cover that is right for them. An insurance contract can be completed to only provide an indemnity for medical costs incurred in a foreign country or to cover instances of trip cancellation, interruption or being delayed. In addition, you can insure the personal belongings you are taking with you on the trip as luggage.

Travel insurance possibilities

Medical insurance is the most important component of travel insurance, covering the costs of medical treatment for an illness which began in or accident that took place in a foreign country, including urgent pregnancy (up to 28 weeks) related medical assistance in the case of complications, with the exception of birth or premature birth, cost of transportation to receive medical assistance or returning the ill person to Estonia. In addition, expenses having arisen due to the extension of the trip due to time spent in hospital shall also be indemnified.

Also occurring frequently are instances where a trip is cancelled due to illness, due to failures in the means of transport resulting in delayed arrival at the desired destination or the trip has to be unexpectedly terminated and one is forced to return home. Often this means additional transportation and accommodation costs or, in the case of trip cancellation, that all of the paid money is lost. In order to ensure that your expenses do not grow larger than initially planned, it is reasonable to add travel interruption insurance to your contract.

When travelling, it is also possible to insure items you have brought along with you. Seesam Luggage Insurance indemnifies damages which arise from the theft, robbery, destruction or loss of baggage during transport. The cost of purchasing essential items is also covered, if your luggage arrives at your travel destination after you.

You can choose between different insurance sums as well as types of insurance cover, allowing you to make insurance cover even more comprehensive. A travel insurance agreement can be concluded for an individual, family, larger group was well as an undertaking.

Important! In the case of trip cancellation, there is a three day period of delay, i.e. the insurance cover will enter into force three days after the entry into force of the agreement (for example, if the policy was purchased on 06 August, then the trip cancellation coverage will enter into force on 09 August). Therefore, it is especially important that the purchasing of travel insurance is not left until the last minute.

Advantages of Seesam travel insurance


Medical help

In the event of minor sporting injuries, no additional coverage is required (i.e. biking, swimming, tennis, golf, yoga, skiing, volleyball, skating, horseback riding).

The limit of cover for cases involving pregnancy is €5,000.

The limit of cover for cases involving chronic illness is €5,000.

Cases that involve a complete or partial disability, Seesam’s benefit is €10,000 or €5,000, respectively.

Health issues arising from natural disasters or terrorism are covered.

Travel interruption

Events covered under insurance for travel interruption are (depending on the coverage options):

  • Becoming the only remaining traveller
  • Illness or death of the host
  • Having baggage stolen in a foreign country, or falling victim to another crime
  • Theft or breakdown of personal means of transportation
  • Unexpected traffic jam
  • Changes in itinerary which do not depend on the traveller
  • Cancellation of an event that was the purpose of the trip
  • Natural disaster
  • Terrorism
  • Strike, bankruptcy, loss of employment
  • Optional cancellation (pet illness, unexpected urgency at work, falling out with travel companions, etc.)
  • Travel interruption cover begins immediately after the contract is signed. There is an exception for illness, in which case coverage begins three days after the contract is signed.


    The definition of luggage is broader (tools, musical instruments, computers, medication, glasses, etc.).

    Theft of items from a hotel room are also covered – the luggage does not need to be secured in a safe.

    Sports equipment are covered as luggage when used for their intended purpose.

    Different luggage items do not have additional coverage limits applied (i.e., one item is covered at 50% of its value). The insured sum applies to all luggage as a whole.

    If the luggage is delayed on its arrival to the foreign country by a minimum of 4 hours, compensation shall be paid in the amount of € 40/day. If an item is delayed that is essential for the trip (i.e. skis, musical instruments), then in addition to the previously mentioned benefit, up to 30% of the insured sum shall be paid in order to rent or purchase a replacement essential item.


Expanded responsibility for harm or damaged caused to a third party. Among other things, damage caused to third parties by animals, as well as damage to the property being used by the insured, excluding rental cars.

No deductible.

If the duration of the trip is extended due to circumstances outside of the traveller’s control, the insurance coverage period shall be extended by 2 days.



Insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Estonian Branch, which operates under the Seesam trademark in Estonia. Before concluding policies, please read the terms and conditions at and consult an expert if needed.
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